About Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab

Most senior managers will tell you that their company’s greatest asset is its people. Ironically, these same managers will also tell you that they have not yet developed an effective and systematic way to measure the impact of investments in their people on productivity.

The Human Capital Lab measures the impact of learning on productivity in the workplace.

Our mission is to develop innovative and valuable approaches to unlocking the long-term potential of human capital investments.

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

What keeps good companies from investing in their good people?

At the Human Capital Lab, we understand that the primary cause is that companies have not been able to definitively show ROI on investing in their people.

That is why the Lab exists. We measure impact on Business Outcomes.

Here’s how we’re different:

  1. We measure business outcomes, not learning outcomes.
    There’s a difference. Just because someone has memorized the instructions on “how to ride a bike” doesn’t mean he can actually ride the bike. We measure impact on business.
  2. We isolate the business impact of learning.
    Even if graduates of your program are better at their jobs, how do you know if it was your program that created that impact? We isolate the impact so we can tell you and your senior management the impact we can relate directly to learning programs.
  3. Getting to ROI
    Because we understand the impact on business – and we know how much of that impact was achieved from learning, we can tell you in dollars and cents the return on your investment in learning. That’s what is needed to invest in good people.

Learn now. Much of our research is available to you now, simply by joining the lab. If you are interested in getting to the business ROI of your learning initiatives, contact us.

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