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Original research and leading-edge analytics on the impact of learning on human capital.

Understanding the Value of Education

By 2020, approximately two thirds of the United States workforce will need some post-secondary education to be gainfully employed. Increased importance and rising costs have prompted debate about the value of higher education. Corporations have stepped up to fill the gap and get the workforce they need. Learn more about how on-the-job performance is a critical element of this ongoing debate.

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Assessing Organizational Support and Data Availability for Program Evaluation

Evaluability assessment emerged in the 1970s as a way to ensure a program was ready for summative evaluation. The primary purpose was to assure the presence of measurable program objectives. This study investigates the impact of organizational support and data availability for program evaluation so that these areas may be pragmatically considered when conducting an evaluability assessment.

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Advancing Performance: Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for Targeted Results

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) has been part of the learning and development world for a long time - and for good reason. This Colloquium will help you realize the power of understanding your own preferences in order to have a greater impact on your career and your organization. This is your opportunity to explore the implications of temperament in the learning environment, resulting in valuable insight into developing learning solutions.

In this Colloquium presentation, learn from Patricia Harrold, Founder of Career and Life Mentoring and Director of Aircrew Training at Offutt Air Force Base, as she shares how you can put MBTI to work for you, your employees, and your organization.

Presented February 26. Watch the video presentation and download the handouts.

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Investment in Workforce Education

EdLink Webinar

In partnership with EdLink, the Human Capital Lab presents this webinar to help you strategically impact your organization through learning.


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